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Rug & Tapestry Display Clips. A How to guide.

Hanging your decorative rug or tapstries on a wall will add greatly to the visual display in your home or showroom. It’s a fairly simply process, so long as you’ve decided on what you wish to hang the rug on (a beam, railing, rug arm, nail, etc.).

We carry a variety of hanging clips that can accomodate most types of scenarios and rug types.

Generally, there are three types of hanging solutions you will likely use:

  1. Racks/Railings
  2. Channel Moldings
  3. Nails

Once you’ve decided on the above, you can figure out the type of hanging clip you need. If you’re hangin on a railing, measure the thickness of it and pick any of our rack clips that match the width. If its a J Channel mold, we have Peg Clips that can fit in. And if you decided on using nails, our Alligator Clips will work fine.

Another thing to note: Rugs come in varying sizes and weights. If you are planning on hanging a heavy rug, make sure you go for a stronger/larger clip and hanging solution (e.g. our Super Clips).

If you are still unsure of what solution is best for your needs, you can always contact us for advise, or request samples from us.