Geese - Kyriak Kostandi

Geese – Kyriak Kostandi – 1913

Kyriak Kostandi was a talented Ukrainian painter of Greek descent known for his contributions to the Russian Realist art movement called Peredvizhniki, as well as his Impressionist paintings. As a member of the Society of South-Russian Artists, Kostandi is known for his bright, colorful paintings inspired by the sunlight of his hometown of Odesa, Ukraine. Throughout his career, Kostandi played a significant role in shaping the art scene of Odesa, with many considering him the “color of Odesa” and the beginning of the city’s artistic legacy.

We particularly like this painting of Geese for it’s subtle, yet eye catching colors. Naturally, we had to go on and pair up our Appletons Wool colors to this painting for inspiration.

Geese - Kyriak Kostandi

Kyriak Kostandi

Appletons Crewel Wool


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