Rug Fringe

Here is our selection of rug fringe. You’ll find a wide variety of fringe options for all your rug-restoring needs. From classic neutrals to bold, white and black colors, we have something for every style and preference.
Our pre-fabricated rug fringe is made from high-quality poly-cotton (much longer lasting) materials and is can be attached to any rug by hand or machine. Simply choose the color and length that best fits your rug restoration project.
In addition to a range of colors, we also offer various fringe styles (straight and knotted), and heights to suit different rug sizes and styles. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle touch of texture or make a bold statement, we have the perfect fringe option for you.
We recommend purchasing at least six inches extra per each end of rug you are working on.
Rug and carpet fringe can be used to add to a new, machine-made rug, or as a cosmetic repair on an antique carpet, where you want to prevent further deterioration to the rug warp.

For more information on rug fringe, read our blog post here

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