AAT-150 Latex Seam Adhesive (Quart)


AAT-150 Latex Seam Adhesive

Sold in quart size.

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AAT-150 Latex Seam Adhesive
AAT-150 is a high strength, natural latex adhesive formulated to seal carpet edges prior to hot
melt seaming, for sealing stitches on hand sewn seams and for “tape and latex” seaming. AAT150 is widely used to prevent raveling, for binding, for replacing damaged nap and for strengthening worn or loose backings. AAT-150 contains no solvents and is 0 VOC as defined by
the SCAQMD Rule 1168. AAT-150 is not designed for PVC or Vinyl backed carpets.

Shake or stir seam sealer before using. Apply seam sealer directly to carpet’s primary backing
along seam area. For “tape and latex” seaming apply a uniform coat of seam sealer to the tape.
Heavily stitched backings may require more adhesive. To ensure best seam result, do not leave
seam sealer open for more than ten minutes. When the seam is made, allow the seam sealer
to dry thoroughly. AAT-150 curing will take up to 48 hours.

Specific Technical Data:
Base: natural latex
Color: white liquid, dries semitransparent
Flammability: Non-flammable
Keep from freezing
Working properties:
1. Medium viscosity
2. Fast grabbing
3. Easy to apply

Shelf life: 6 months
Store is a cool, dry area. Keep the container tightly sealed when not in use. Clean-up: while wet with soapy water and when dry with AAT-197.

AAT-150 Latex Seam Adhesive is recommended for the following uses:
Buttering carpet seams and edges
Carpet backing repair
Replacing damaged nap
Adhering bindings

Available in quart size.

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