Mark Coat – Soil Resistant Carpet Finish


Mark Coat – Soil Resistant Carpet Finish

1 gallon bottle

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Mark Coat – Sil Resistant Carpet Finish is a special chemical formula for in-place treatment of carpets to impart soil resistance and to repel stains. It is safe to use on all carpet fibers not affected by water.

Rugs and carpets treated with Mark Coat show markedly reduced soiling from normal wet and dry traffic and improved resistance to liquid stains. As a result, appearance is improved and maintenance is reduced. Treated rugs and carpets that become soiled with wet soil such as mud can be cleaned much easier than untreated ones when they are allowed to dry before vacuuming.

When properly applied, Mark Coat dries quickly, while imparting anti-static properties, as well as keeping stains and soil on the surface for easy removal.

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