Beige P-137 – Tri-Nib AD Marker


Beige P-137 – Tri-Nib AD Marker

The original tri-nib marker with three line widths in one nib.

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Product Description

Beige P-137 – Tri-Nib AD Marker

Introducing the Tri-Nib AD Markers by Chartpak, the perfect companion for artists, designers, and illustrators seeking professional-grade markers to bring their creations to life. These exceptional markers are meticulously crafted to deliver stunning results and unmatched versatility.

The Tri-Nib AD Markers feature a unique tri-tip nib design, which provides three different line widths in a single marker. This innovative feature allows artists to effortlessly create thin, precise lines or bold, expressive strokes with ease. Whether you’re working on fine details or broad strokes, these markers offer the flexibility to achieve the desired effect.

With a vast array of shades to choose from, the Tri-Nib AD Markers offer an extensive color palette that caters to all your artistic needs. From vibrant primary colors to subtle pastels and rich earth tones, these markers ensure you have the perfect shade for every project.

The Chartpak Tri-Nib AD Markers are crafted with high-quality, alcohol-based ink that provides smooth, even coverage on a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re working on paper, canvas, or other mediums, these markers glide effortlessly, allowing for seamless blending and layering to achieve stunning gradients and depth.

Designed with convenience in mind, these markers are equipped with a comfortable, ergonomic barrel that offers a secure grip during long creative sessions. Additionally, the markers are equipped with a cap that secures tightly to prevent ink drying out, ensuring the longevity of your markers.

Elevate your artistic endeavors with the Tri-Nib AD Markers by Chartpak. Discover the joy of working with markers that provide precise control, vibrant colors, and exceptional quality. Unleash your creativity and experience the limitless possibilities these markers offer, bringing your imagination to life in vivid detail.

This is the Beige P-137 – Tri-Nib AD Marker

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Additional Information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in
AD Marker Color Group

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