Colorless Blender P-0 – Tri-Nib ADâ„¢ Marker


The AD® Marker blender has a wide range of uses when used with colored AD® Markers and other media. It renders beautifully blended strokes with colored AD® Markers, creates gradients, and can be used to mix colors like a paint brush when mixed on acetate. They will create highlights by lifting color.

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The original Art and Design Marker, AD® Markers have a xylene base with a tri-nib tip. The color laydown, ink capacity, and special effects are truly unique features and differentiate them from many alcohol markers on the market. They are extremely “juicy,” brilliantly colored and transparent, which allows for blending and mixing, while the blender marker helps create gradients, and transfers toner based images onto nearly any smooth surface.

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Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in
AD Marker Color Group


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Tri-Nib AD™ Marker - Colorless Blender P-0Colorless Blender P-0 – Tri-Nib ADâ„¢ Marker

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