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Product Description

Introducing Enoz® Old Fashioned Moth Balls, a classic and dependable solution for safeguarding your valuable rugs and wool textiles from the damaging effects of moths. These moth balls provide an effective and proven method of moth prevention, ensuring that your cherished possessions remain in excellent condition and maintain their quality and appearance.

Enoz® Old Fashioned Moth Balls contain naphthalene, a potent active ingredient that efficiently repels and kills moths, thus protecting your rugs and wool items from damage caused by moth larvae. By using Enoz®, you can prevent the need for costly repairs and preserve the beauty and integrity of your prized possessions.

Simple to use, Enoz® Old Fashioned Moth Balls can be placed in sachets or directly in strategic locations where rugs and wool items are stored, such as closets, storage rooms, or basements. The vapor released by the balls creates a protective barrier, offering ongoing protection for your valuable textiles.

It is crucial to follow the product’s instructions and safety guidelines to ensure the safe and effective use of this product. Proper ventilation and storage precautions must be taken to avoid potential hazards associated with the use of chemical-based moth repellents.

In summary, Enoz® Old Fashioned Moth Balls deliver a reliable and time-tested solution for maintaining the integrity and beauty of your rugs and wool textiles. By efficiently repelling and eliminating moths, this product ensures the longevity and preservation of your valuable investments.

  • Made in USA
  • Allows air to flow through packet so active ingredients can sublimate
  • Sized right for consumer use
  • Child deterrent film meets EPA requirements to prevent access of loose moth balls to children
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Directions for use

The mothballs in this container can treat up to 50 cubic feet. Each single use packet of mothballs can treat up to 24.8 cubic feet. Place moth balls packets at the bottom of storage space or container, between folds and layers of articles and an extra amount on top before closing container. Ideal for use on fabrics containing Wool or Wool blends. See product label for additional information.

Mothballs, moth flakes, crystals and bars are insecticides. They come in a solid form that slowly gives off a vapor that kills moths, moth eggs and their larvae. They are meant to be used in closed, airtight containers so that the vapors they produce are trapped. Always follow label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure. If any exposures occur, be sure to follow the First Aid instructions on the product label carefully.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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