18 ct. Canvas – Zweigart Metallic Opalescent on White


Needlepoint canvas. 40″ wide, 18 count. Sold by the foot.

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Zweigart Metallic & Vintage Colored – Opalescent on White, 18 ct. 40″, sold per foot.

Canvases are open fabric meshes usually made of cotton. They form the woven textile base for many techniques and embroideries. It is usually fully covered with embroidery over its entire area.

Fine canvases from 6ct. to 18ct. are well suitable for example for cross-stitch works, needlepoint and satin stitch, while coarse ranges from 3-5ct. are meant mainly for coarse cross-stitch and latch-hook works.

This is a single-threaded canvas in opalescent on white. It is plain-woven, meaning that the vertical warp and horizontal weft move up and down and cross at the same distance – all openings between the threads are woven checkers. It is made up of repeatedly polished threads and thus gets a smoother surface.

This is suitable for long-stitch, satin stitch and various other surface-filling types of embroidery (needlepoint). In the USA, on the other hand, this is often painted by hand and sometimes not embroidered over its whole surface.

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Additional Information

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