Embroidery Needles


Embroidery Needles.

A high quality embroidery and crewel needle. Available in various sizes

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Embroidery needles, also known as crewel needles, are specialized hand sewing needles designed explicitly for embroidery work. These needles are essential tools for embroiderers, as they facilitate the creation of intricate designs and patterns on various fabric types. The availability of different sizes allows for the selection of an appropriate needle depending on the specific embroidery project and thread being used.

Embroidery needles have several distinguishing features that set them apart from other sewing needles. Firstly, they have a sharp point, which allows for easy penetration of various fabric types, including tightly woven materials. This sharpness ensures smooth and precise stitching without snagging or damaging the fabric.

Another notable characteristic of these needles is their elongated eye, which is designed to accommodate a wide range of embroidery threads, such as stranded cotton, silk, or metallic threads. This feature makes threading the needle easier, especially when working with thicker threads or multiple strands.

Embroidery needles are available in various sizes, with the smaller numbers representing larger needles. It is essential to choose the right size needle for your project, as it directly affects the final appearance and quality of the embroidery work. In conclusion, embroidery needles are specifically designed for embroidery projects, offering precision and ease of use.

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