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Milliners Needles – A longer sewing needle

Although traditionally used in the millinery trade, they are now more commonly used for pleating and fancy decorative stitches. They are similar to an ordinary sewing needle except that they are longer.

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Milliners needles, also known as straw needles, are a specialized type of sewing needle designed for specific needlework tasks, such as millinery work, pleating, and ribbon embroidery. These needles are characterized by their long, slender body, round eye, and sharp point, which allow for smooth and precise stitching on various materials. Available in a range of sizes, milliners needles accommodate the diverse needs of needleworkers and cater to a variety of projects.

The elongated shape of milliners needles is particularly suited for tasks that require multiple thread wraps, such as creating loops or knots. This design feature allows the needle to pass smoothly through the wrapped threads without snagging or distortion. Additionally, the round eye of the needle easily accommodates a range of thread types and sizes, providing versatility in project applications.

The sharp point of milliners needles ensures clean penetration of fabric and other materials, making them suitable for working with a wide array of textiles, including silk, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. This precision makes milliners needles an ideal choice for delicate work and detailed stitching, where accuracy and finesse are paramount.

When selecting these needles, it is essential to consider the fabric and thread types being used, as well as the specific techniques being employed. Smaller needles are better suited for fine materials and delicate work, while larger needles are more appropriate for thicker fabrics and heavier threads.

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