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Large eye tapestry needles allow the user to thread tapestry wool or six-stranded cotton, while the blunt end enables the needle to pass through canvas without tearing it

Five or Six tapestry needles per pack depending on size

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Tapestry needles, also known as cross-stitch or yarn needles, are a specialized type of sewing needle designed specifically for needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, and other types of counted thread work. These needles are characterized by their large eye, blunt tip, and a slightly rounded or curved shape, which make them ideal for working with a variety of materials such as canvas, fabric, or even plastic.

The large eye of a tapestry needle is designed to accommodate thicker threads, yarns, and embroidery floss with ease, allowing needleworkers to work efficiently without constantly struggling to thread their needle. This feature is particularly advantageous when working with multiple strands of floss or yarn, as it simplifies the threading process and helps to reduce the risk of tangling.

The blunt tip of a tapestry needle is a key feature that sets it apart from other needle types. This design element ensures that the needle will not pierce the threads of the fabric or canvas, but rather will pass smoothly between them, preserving the structure and integrity of the material. This is crucial for counted thread techniques, as it allows for precise, even stitching without damaging the base fabric.

Tapestry needles are available in various sizes, with smaller numbers representing larger needles. The size of the needle required will depend on the fabric count, thread thickness, and desired tension of the stitches. It is essential to choose the appropriate needle size for the project at hand to achieve the best results.

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