Heavy Cotton Binding Tape


Heavy Cotton Binding Tape


For finishing and reinforcing ends and edges of rugs.

Available in natural and black

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Product Description

Heavy Cotton Binding Tape is a high-quality and durable solution designed to finish and reinforce the ends and edges of your rugs, carpets, and mats. Made from robust cotton material, this tape provides exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring your creations maintain their structure and pristine appearance over time.

Ideal for both amateur and professional rug makers, the Heavy Cotton Binding Tape effectively prevents fraying and damage caused by daily wear and tear. Its sturdy construction offers the perfect combination of protection and aesthetic appeal, making it a vital addition to any rug-making project.

Each Heavy Cotton Binding Tape spool measures 2 inches in width and boasts an impressive length of 240 feet, providing ample supply for multiple projects or larger rugs. The generous width ensures a secure and seamless attachment to your rugs, while the extended length offers versatility and convenience for various rug sizes and styles.

By choosing Heavy Cotton Binding Tape, you are investing in the long-term durability and appearance of your rugs. The robust cotton material and generous dimensions make this tape an ideal choice for reinforcing your rugs’ edges and ends, preserving their integrity, and ensuring they continue to be a beautiful centerpiece in your living space.


Experience the benefits of this top-quality binding solution and give your rugs the protection and enhancement they deserve.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 4.1 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 2.5 in

Natural, Black, Navy


2" x 240\'

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