OR-1 Extra Large Heavy Knotted Oriental Rug Fringe (Multiple Shades)

$6.41 / Foot

OR-1 Extra Large Heavy Knotted Oriental Rug Fringe

6″ Height

A shade card with physical samples is available for purchase

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Introducing the OR-1 Extra Large Heavy Knotted Oriental Rug Fringe, a more substantial and impressive fringe style, designed for those seeking a grand and bold finishing touch for their treasured rugs. Expertly crafted from a high-quality poly-cotton blend, the OR-1 Heavy Knotted Fringe offers exceptional durability, softness, and longevity, ensuring that your Oriental rugs remain a stunning and well-preserved part of your home for years to come.

The OR-1 Knotted Rug Fringe is our largest knotted fringe offered, measuring an impressive 6 inches in length. This large, heavy style adds a dramatic and luxurious touch to your rug, showcasing our commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. This fringe style seamlessly complements a wide range of rug designs and patterns, making a striking statement that will be the envy of all who see it.

The poly-cotton blend used in the OR-1 Extra Large Heavy Knotted Fringe offers numerous advantages, including resistance to wear and tear, easy maintenance, and a comfortable texture that feels opulent underfoot. This premium material ensures that your rug’s fringe remains attractive and intact even with regular use.

Choose the OR-1 Extra Large Heavy Knotted Oriental Rug Fringe to provide a magnificent finishing touch to your prized rugs. This commanding fringe style not only enhances the visual appeal of your rug but also offers an additional layer of protection for its delicate edges. Embrace the OR-1 Heavy Knotted Rug Fringe and experience the ultimate fusion of form and function that will keep your rug looking regal for years to come.

All custom cut fringe orders are non-refundable.

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