Medium Hooked Peg Rug Clips

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Medium Hooked Peg Rug Clips

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Medium Hooked Peg Rug Clips are durable and compact rug hanging clips specifically designed to support the weight of heavy rugs when hung over J Channel moldings. These versatile clips are ideal for both residential and commercial settings, including rug galleries, stores, or homes, providing a secure and efficient way to display, store, or showcase rugs and carpets.

Constructed from high-quality materials with a chrome finish, these rug clips ensure a strong grip and are capable of holding even large and heavy rugs without causing any damage to the fibers or weaving. The hooked peg design securely fastens to the rug, allowing it to hang safely and evenly on the J Channel molding. This method of hanging protects rugs from creases, wear, and damage that can occur from folding or improper storage.

The ease of use and installation of the Medium Hooked Peg Rug Clips make them a popular choice among rug enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals. To use the clips, simply attach them to the rug’s edge at evenly spaced intervals and then hook them onto the J Channel molding. This straightforward process ensures a stable and secure hold while allowing for quick and easy adjustments or removal when necessary.

Medium Hooked Peg Rug Clips provide a reliable and practical solution for hanging heavy rugs over J Channel moldings. Their strong construction, secure grip, and user-friendly design make them an essential tool for anyone looking to display or store rugs in a safe and visually appealing manner.

If you are unsure on which clip to use, check out this short guide – Rug & Tapestry Display Hanging Clips

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Net weight 40 lbs
Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

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