Super Rug Clips 21mm

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Super Rug Clips 21mm

These heavy duty rug clips are compatible with 3/4″ and 13/16″ rug racks.

1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ | Chrome

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Super Rug Clips 21mm are designed to securely display heavy rugs on rug racks. Made of sturdy metal, these heavy duty clips have a 21mm opening that can easily accommodate rugs with thicker pile. The clips are compatible with 3/4″ and 13/16″ rug racks, making them a versatile option for rug displays.

These rug clips feature a durable construction that can withstand the weight of even the heaviest rugs. They are designed to hold rugs securely in place, preventing any slippage or movement that can cause damage to the rug or the surrounding area. The Super Rug Clips 21mm are easy to install and remove, making it simple to reposition rugs or switch them out as needed.

With their sturdy construction and secure grip, the Super Rug Clips 21mm are an ideal solution for displaying rugs in retail settings, at trade shows, or in the home. They provide a safe and effective way to showcase the beauty of rugs while protecting them from damage.

If you are unsure on which clip to use, check out this short guide – Rug & Tapestry Display Hanging Clips


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Net weight 20 lbs, 200 lbs
Weight 2.6 lbs
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Racks and Railings

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