Tach-It Tagging Barbs


Tach-It Tagging Barbs. Compatible with all TACH-IT™ tagging guns

5,000  polypropylene barbs per box. | 50 fasteners per clip

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Product Description

Tach-It Tagging Barbs are an efficient and practical solution for attaching labels, tags, or price tags to a wide array of products, including clothing, fabrics, accessories, and more. These small, nylon fasteners are designed to provide a secure and professional attachment, ensuring that your tags remain in place while still allowing for easy removal when needed.

Constructed from high-quality, durable plastic, Tach-It Tagging Barbs are built to last and withstand day-to-day handling. Their unique design features a T-shaped end that easily locks into a tagging gun, allowing for quick and accurate application. The other end of the barb is designed to hold the tag securely without causing damage to the product.

The user-friendly nature of Tach-It Tagging Barbs makes them a popular choice among retailers and manufacturers. Their compatibility with various tagging guns ensures seamless integration into your existing tagging system. Additionally, the barbs are available in a range of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your specific tagging needs. We carry them in 1″, 2″, and 3″ sizes.

Tach-It Tagging Barbs are not only efficient but also cost-effective. Their affordable pricing and bulk packaging options allow businesses to keep tagging expenses low without compromising on quality or performance.

In summary, Tach-It Tagging Barbs offer a reliable and professional solution for attaching tags to a wide variety of products. With their durable construction, ease of use, and compatibility with multiple tagging systems, these versatile barbs are an invaluable tool for businesses seeking an effective and affordable tagging solution.

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Additional Information

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#803 (3"), #802 (2"), #801 (1")

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