Rug Weaving Comb – (Daftin or Daffeh)


Rug weaving comb used for putting down and leveling rug warps and wefts.

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Explore the world of traditional rug weaving with our high-quality Rug Weaving Comb, also known as a Daffeh. This essential tool is specifically designed to help you achieve beautifully compact and even rows of weaving, ensuring that your handcrafted rugs maintain their structural integrity, durability, and overall aesthetic appeal.

The Daffeh is crafted from sturdy materials, in our case metal, to provide a reliable and long-lasting weaving companion. Its fine, evenly spaced teeth are expertly engineered to deliver consistent pressure across the width of the rug, allowing for precise control and accurate beating of the wefts. This results in tightly packed and even rows, enhancing the overall strength and stability of your woven creations.

In addition to compacting rows of weaving, the Daffeh is also instrumental in laying down wefts and leveling the woven rows. Its smooth, flat surface glides effortlessly over the rug, helping to ensure that each row is uniformly compressed and aligned. This attention to detail contributes to the creation of high-quality, professional-looking rugs that are both visually striking and long-lasting.

Mastering the art of rug weaving is a rewarding and fulfilling pursuit, and having the right tools at your disposal is crucial to your success. Our Rug Weaving Comb, or Daffeh, is an indispensable addition to any weaver’s toolkit, offering exceptional performance, durability, and ease of use. Embrace the rich tradition of Persian rug weaving and elevate your craft to new heights with the help of this versatile and efficient tool.

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