Appletons Crewel Wool Yarn – Brown Groundings 581 – 588


Appletons shade cards available here

Brown Groundings-581-discontinued-use-Chocolate-187
Brown Groundings-582
Brown Groundings-583
Brown Groundings-584
Brown Groundings-585
Brown Groundings-586
Brown Groundings-587
Brown Groundings-588
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Product Description

Spun from pure British wool, Appleton Bros produces the finest tapestry and crewel wool.

Offered here are Appletons Crewel Wool in Brown Groundings shades from 581 to 588

25-gram (1 oz.), pre-treated mothproof skein. 180 meters (590.5 feet) in length

An excellent wool yarn for crewel, needlepoint, and embroidery work

If you are unsure of the color you need, we have a shade card set available.

Additional Information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 1 in

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