OR-5 Knotted Rug Fringe

$1.75 / Foot

OR-5 Knotted Rug Fringe

A shade card with physical samples is available for purchase

Can be purchased in 36 yard bolts here

Shade 11 - Black
Shade 10 - Mocha
Shade 8 - Khaki Green
Shade 6 - Antique Grey
Shade 6 - Snow-White
Shade 5 Karistan
Shade 4 Coffee
Shade 3 - Beige
Shade 2 - Off White
Shade 1 - Natural
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Product Description

OR-5 Knotted Rug Fringe

An oriental style replacement fringe made of a durable, high quality poly-cotton material .

This is our most popular style of replacement rug fringe that most people use in their rug fringe restoration projects.

While some purists may not want to use a replacement fringe on their vintage rug, many see value in it. For one,  the fringe can provide an entirely new look to your rug, especially if it’s a newer machine made rug that lacks a natural fringe. Further, and more importantly, a high quality replacement fringe such as this is an excellent way to display a natural looking fringe on your vintage rug while hiding (tucking) and securing your rugs natural warp (fringe), which can unravel in high traffic areas – Leading to very costly repairs.

All custom cut fringe orders are non-refundable

Additional Information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × .1 in

11 – Black, 10 – Mocha, 8 – Khaki Green, 7 – Antique Grey, 6 – Snow White, 5 – Karastan, 4 – Coffee, 3 – Beige, 2 – Off-White, 1 – Natural

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