White Lilies – Mabel Royds c. 1937

Mabel Royds was a renowned English artist known for her woodcuts. She was raised in Liverpool and received a scholarship to attend the Royal Academy in London at the age of 15, but chose instead to study at the Slade School under Henry Tonks. After training with painter and printmaker Walter Sickert in Paris, Royds taught at Havergal College in Toronto for several years. In 1911, she moved to Edinburgh and taught at the Edinburgh College of Art under Frank Morley Fletcher, who inspired her to create color woodcuts. In 1913, she married fellow teacher and etcher Ernest Lumsden and the couple traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and India. In 1921, Royds exhibited her work at the Society of Graphic Art in London.

In the years between 1933 and 1938, Royds produced a collection of flower prints using a bold woodcut technique and vibrant color scheme. One example is “White Lilies.” Despite traveling and living abroad in Canada and India, Royds was drawn to depicting the simple, yet beautiful aspects of her everyday life, including her daughter’s growth and the cycle of blooming and wilting flowers.

We went through the Appletons wool palette to match the colors below.

Color Shades

We offer the below color shades in both Tapestry and Crewel weights as well as larger (hank) and smaller (skein) sizes.

524 – Turquoise
567 – Sky Blue
694 – Honeysuckle Yellow
711 – Wine Red
721 – Paprika
991 – White
973 – Elephant Grey

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